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The Metsi Lodge Team
(Together Everyone Achieves More)

Your Hosts

Catherine and Geoffroy have been working in Africa for over 25 years. Their journey, guided by Geoffroy's passion for nature conservation, took them from France to Senegal, Burkina Faso, then Kenya, before they settled in South Africa in 2014. They have been living at Metsi Lodge since 2019.

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Passionate about ornithology since his early childhood, Geoffroy became Ford Foundation laureate at the age of 17, for lobbying the French government to classify as Reserve a threatened Wetland in the south of France and ensure its protection. He then went to Vet school, before embarking on environmental conservation in Africa after he obtained his diploma. Since 2006, he is the Coordinator of the IUCN Protected Areas Program in Africa. He will gladly speak to you about conservation and wildlife management issues in Africa if you are interested.

Behind the scenes, Catherine takes care of all the logistical and housekeeping details, starting with the smooth organization of your journey to the lodge. On site, she will make sure everything is in place to make your stay unforgettable.

The Metsi Lodge Orchestra

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it. (H.E. Luccock)


Hendrick, your private guide, will lead your exploration journey into the reserve. Under his guidance and at your own pace, you will discover the diversity of Welgevonden Game Reserve’s fauna and flora. He has spent over 20 years guiding in the reserve, which no longer has any secrets for him. He is arguably one of Welgevonden’s best guides and he will do his maximum to help you find what is still missing on your wildlife bucket list!


Isaac, your Chef and expert in elaborating exquisite and delicious meals, will take you on a wonderful food Safari. His culinary imagination is limitless, and all his menus are created from fresh and local products: a mix of South African specialties and French cuisine, his creations also adapt to our guests’ specific needs and dietary requirements when necessary.


Minkie is responsible for your comfort: preparation, cleanliness and maintenance of guest rooms, bathrooms, and main lodge. No detail, small or large, escapes her scrutiny! Each day, she makes sure that everything is in order, so that our guests can enjoy every moment of their stay at Metsi Lodge with peace of mind.

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The art of the table has no secrets for Frans: he spares no effort to stage the small dishes concocted by Isaac, on a creative and varied table at each meal. He is also responsible for the overall maintenance of the lodge, assists Hendrick in preparing safaris, Isaac in the kitchen, Minkie in the lodge, and will prepare cozy log fires in the main lodge or at the fire pit for the enjoyment of our guests.

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