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Metsi Lodge is fantastic all year round, it all depends on what you are looking for!

  • From November to the end of March, it’s summertime!

It can rain during the day or at night (usually short rains, such as thunderstorms in the evening). The bush is green: leaves on the trees and high grass. Visibility is not as good as during the dry season, but the temperatures are warmer (between 25 and 30°C during the day, 18-20°C at night on average). This is the season when days are the longest.

Due to the heat, morning safaris start earlier (we recommend between 5:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m). Evening safaris can extend until 8:00 p.m. and beyond, to enjoy the pleasant evening temperatures.

It’s also the season when we welcome migratory birds from Europe. So it is the ideal season for ornithologists and photographers, or for those who wish to see a great diversity of birds (more than 350 species in the reserve at this season).


  • From April to the end of May, it’s autumn!

The rains stop, and the vegetation dries up. Water points become scarce, waterholes and rivers dry up. All day long, wildlife gathers around the few remaining waterholes to drink, including at Metsi Lodge’s private waterhole. Morning and evening temperatures cool down, but it is still possible to go out on safari early in the morning and late in the evening without it being too cold, and to enjoy the swimming pool during the day.


  • From June to mid-August, it’s winter!

A very relative winter, as daytime temperatures range between 20-25°C. But nights are much cooler (8-10°C). So, it's advisable to bring sweaters and long pants for morning safaris and evening returns. Morning safari departures are later (wildlife, like humans, wait for the sun to warm the bush up before venturing out onto the plains). It’s the perfect season for those who like to sleep in and who enjoy cozy evenings by the fire!

The bush is dry, visibility is excellent, and our private waterhole, just in front of the lodge, is one of the few remaining water sources. Therefore, it attracts a variety of wildlife throughout the day!


  • From late August to November, it’s spring!

Outside temperatures rise to 25°-30°C, the pool is inviting again, the bush is still dry and water points are scarce. Visibility is still excellent, and you can depart on safaris early in the morning and return later in the evenings.

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