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Guests staying at Metsi Lodge are given the opportunity to actively participate in the hands-on, ambitious and nation-wide Ingwe Leopard Research and Conservation Project, sponsored by the On Track Foundation.

Participating is easy, fun, and free!


Guests just need to download the free SMART app on their phones, embark on their safari and look for Leopards. Each time you spot a Leopard in the reserve, you will use the app to collect and transmit the following data to the Ingwe Project research team: date, time, GPS position, number of individuals spotted, specific behavior and pictures. Your leopard pictures will allow the Ingwe Project research team to do a census of Leopards in the area, and to identify each one with the help of the African Carnivore Wildbook AI platform. The data collected will also allow the researchers to better understand the behavior of our Leopards and to develop and implement programs to improve their protection.

For more information on the Research Project, its aims and objectives, click on the link below:


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