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Welgevonden Game Reserve is a 37,000ha private game reserve in the Waterberg District, of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The Reserve is nestled within the internationally recognized UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, flagged for the sustainable conservation of biodiversity. A pleasant 3-hour drive, or an easy 45-minute flight from Johannesburg into one of the airstrips, makes Welgevonden one of the most accessible premier, malaria-free wilderness reserves in the country.

The Dutch word, Welgevonden, can be translated to “well found”, or a “serendipitous discovery” which means to occur by chance in a happy or beneficial way. The majestic piece of land transforms at every opportunity, offering breath-taking views of untouched African wilderness and memories that will last a life time. There is no doubt that Welgevonden is one of the finest places to watch wildlife, sense wilderness and experience the true spirit of Africa!

Welgevonden offers an exclusive, intimate bushveld experience, with only a limited number of guests having access to Welgevonden at any one time. Self drives are not allowed in the reserve. Guests must leave their vehicles the reserve's West gate (free 24/7 secure parking) from where they will be collected by our field-guide for transportation to the Lodge. The mountainous bushveld is worth a visit all year round thanks to its high altitude, temperate climate and malaria-free status.

The reserve is not open to day visitors.

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